Four Things

I've been tagged by the lovely blogger Sarah at oesch and doots, a favorite new blog of mine, and am happy to play along.  (I apologize in advance to all of you for the crumbs on my table and the blurriness of some of my photos.  You'll love anyway, right?).

Four Things in my Handbag:
1. Coin purse from the most lovely Fritzi Marie etsy shop.
2. Moleskine notebook and sharpie pen.  Because you never know when inspiration may strike.
3. Olympus voice recorder.  I originally bought it to record reading books, singing to my kids and getting family members to tell stories too so that I could transfer them to the ipod or disc, but I use it quite often-- little conversations or my children singing or visiting with one another.  It's a handy little tool.
4. Mentha lip gloss from bath and body works.  a gift from my sister-in-law.  My lips love it.

Four Things in my Bedroom

1. Quilt that lays atop our bed.  Rick's Mom made it and gave it to us as a wedding gift.  I absolutely love it.  I don't know how she picked all my favorite colors and put them all into one space, but she did.  It makes me happy.

2.  I keep this on one of our shelves-- a frame with a picture of Rick and I as children.  I think we were both around kindergarten age here.  It makes me laugh.  We look so young and innocent.  The world just doesn't know what's in store for it yet.  :-)

3. A lovely little vase from my best friend Holli.  She sent it to me when I moved into our new home here in Vegas as a little house warming gift.  If I'm ever feeling sad or lonely I only have to look at it to remind me of the people in my life who I love so much.

4. My nightstand.  I wrote this post detailing what's on my nightstand.  I really do think this place in my home says the most about me.

Four Things I would Like to Have Done, But Didn't:

1. Stayed up on my Spanish after college.  I used to be able to jabber away and speak on a very basic level, but it's amazing how quickly it slipped away from me.  Now the only thing I can remember really well how to say is "Quitase los zapatos y salga de aqui, rapidamente!"  Which means "Take off your shoes and get out of here, right now!"
2.  Go to Cuba.  I know, I know.  People always think I'm crazy for wanting to go to Cuba.  It's still on my list.  I should have done it when I was young and wild.  :-)
3.  Gotten a masters degree.  Maybe someday still when I'm grey and old.  Wouldn't that be something to see. 
4. Learned how to make a quilt from Rick's Mom while she was still alive.  I always wanted to learn that from her, but thought I'd have plenty of time in the future.  After she got sick from cancer, I knew I would have to learn from someone else, and that makes me sad.

Four Things You May Not Know About Me

1.  I'm really ticklish-- always have been.  Just acting like your going to tickle me can send me into fits.
2.  Sometimes when I'm on the edge of frustration with my kids, I yell at them in the little Spanish I remember (you'd be surprised how applicable "take off your shoes and get out of here right now!" can be).  The result is almost always the same-- stunned silence on their end, and then deep belly laughter, which always makes me feel better.  So even though I don't think it's great to yell at your kids, in this case I make an exception-- yelling at them in a language they don't speak might be okay sometimes.
3.  Sometimes when I eat apples, I like to eat the whole thing-- as in, peel, flesh, core and seeds (minus the stem).  I know you probably think that's gross, but I think it's really good.  I also like chewing on pine needles, and eating rose petals.  Still friends?  :-)
4. I started off college as a music major.  I didn't end as a music major (thanks to a couple years of music theory), but music is still a really important part of my life.