Saturday Morning

This morning I woke to a toddler's bum right next to my face.  He's gotten in the habit lately of wandering into our room late at night and getting into bed with us.  Sometimes I wake up and think "where did he come from?"

In all truthfulness I don't mind having my kids in bed with us if they are feeling scared or just need extra warmth.  I find it sweet, and know that I will miss it terribly someday.

Last night though, he tossed and turned and kept me up half the night, and I was all too happy to let him patter off with his big brother downstairs when the first light of morning crept into our room.

I could hear Mason downstairs saying "Baughn.  Baaaughn.  Tan you get da wegos out for me pwease?"  And Vaughn answering "Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.  I can get the Legos out for you Mason."  And then both of them playing and building bat-copters together.

I didn't want to ever get up.  "Remember when it was just us?"  I asked my sleepy husband.  "When we could just sleep in on the weekends, and do whatever we wanted?"

It felt like such an eternity away, and though I'd never in a million years change what I have now, I was longing for those times, even if just for a morning.

We sat and visited about our honeymoon in Vancouver BC and our beautiful condo which had a gorgeous view over the city.  How we spent the week just lounging around together, visiting the shops, cafe's and all the parks around us.  We could do whatever we wanted-- a luxury that I'm afraid we will only get in small increments for a long while.

I wish I would have bottled just a little of that week up, so that I could enjoy it again.

We talked about the trips we need to take soon.  I'm pining for a backpacking trip, just the two of us through the beautiful cliffs of Zion.  Rick wants to fly away to a different country and try all the good food he can get his hands on.

It was nice spending a moment with Rick reminiscing about days past, and dreaming up our future, and feeling perfectly content there next to him in our warm bed, just the same.