Starry Night

Tonight Rick and the boys are out snuggling up in the hammock in sleeping bags and blankets, looking up at the starry sky, and probably talking about super heroes.  I thought I'd steal a moment away and snuggle into my blog, while sipping hot wassail, and listening to good music (Jem at the moment).

We've had my parents visiting a few nights on their way to and from California.  One of the mornings I spent visiting with my Dad.  I asked him what it's like to be in your sixties-- if he's enjoying being older.  He talked about how every age has it's charms and challenges, and how overall he enjoys very much being where he's at. 

 He said that the thing that's surprised him most about aging is that the older he gets, the more he realizes that there aren't really any certainties.  We go about in youth learning, and gathering ideas, and feeling at some point, certain of ourselves, certain that we understand the world, and that we are living the right way, only to age and watch those certainties recede and disappear.  

I love listening to my Dad talk.  His voice is low and soothing, and his eyes are flecked with so many colors, that they change constantly depending on the time of day and his mood.  If you asked me the color of them, I wouldn't know what to answer.

He talked about the words of the hymn Lead Kindly Light, and how the words are how he feels about this subject-- how in youth we think through our pride that we can see clearly the picture in front of us, and know where we need to go, and how he now realizes that we can't really know anything-- we can only have faith and be lead one step in front of the other.

I've been mulling these thoughts over since our talk.  I find something oddly soothing in them-- that even though some certainties are useful and helpful to us along our path, we don't need to collect them and hold on to them forever.  We can let them go, and continue on our path one step at a time.

Another of the days they were here we went on a walk with the boys.  Vaughn rode his bike wearing his green jacket, a knight cape (actually a superman cape), Ricks biking helmet and gloves, some safety goggles, and Rick's really old cell phone from the nineties dangling from his handlebar.  He insisted on each one of these accessories, and even made grandma hold his sword and shield (metal pan lid).  The poor kid looked quite ridiculous, but was so happy in his little knight/batman/biker world, and both boys lapped up all the attention and love from their grandparents.

It's been a lovely week, and we've enjoyed all our days.  The boys are inside now sipping a warm drink, and I think I'll go give their cool cheeks some kisses.

I hope you've all had the best of weeks too.