This morning at breakfast, Mason, my barely two-year-old, brought his fork slowly towards his mouth, looked at his food, and said with furrowed brow "Are you ready to go bye-bye?"  Then he raised his eyebrows and said in a high-pitched voice while shaking his head "No! I not go bye-bye!"  Then he switched back over to the scowling villain and said slowly "Bye-bye."  And with that, he put it in his mouth, and laughed while he chewed the poor food up.  It made ma laugh.

Later in the morning we headed to Red Rocks for a few hours.  The clouds just hugged the tops of those mountains, and the sky was such a crisp blue, and everything looked so vibrant and clean after rain from a day ago.  We headed down into the cliffs, and Vaughn and Mason ran ahead of me, arms stretched out.  I could tell they felt like they were flying.  At one point Vaughn stopped to examine a cactus and started singing the Ramones at the top of his lungs "Hey! Ho! Let's go!"  And continued singing so loudly and happily that I'm sure every climber on those rocks heard him.  I never wanted to go home.

While the kids were sleeping I readied a package to send to my best friend in Michigan for her birthday coming up.  I had so much fun wrapping her gifts and thinking about my friend, and even writing stupid Elephant jokes on the pretty wrapping paper, because I knew she would laugh at my lame jokes.

After that we headed to the library to drop a few books off, and to pick a few up, and the boys just sat and read books together, did puzzles, and colored at the coloring table for a solid hour, while I sat in a chair and read, and watched them.

Then we picked Rick up from work, and got to visit as a family on our drive home in the dark car.  We came home and had grilled cheese sandwiches and watermelon for dinner, and have been busying ourselves getting ready for a Thanksgiving trip to visit family tomorrow.

It's my favorite, favorite holiday.  Good food, family, friends, gratitude, and Christmas right around the corner.  How can it get better than that?

I have so much to be thankful for, and all of our adventures today have reminded me of the things that I love the most in my life-- my crazy and adorable and funny little boys, the beautiful world around me, my friends who are so dear to me, my husband who may not laugh at my elephant jokes, but who loves me anyway, and helps me do the laundry, and walks with me through this life of ours, and our extended family who are all such amazing people.

Life is truly good.  I love you all, and hope you have a wonderful week.