If I Never Blog Again

It's because Rick surprised me one of these thingamajiggers for my birthday/Christmas/our anniversary:

Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 3G Works Globally, Graphite, 6" Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology

Thought I'm not one who cares much for handheld electronic devices (I don't even know my own cell phone number, and haven't seen it in months, and guess what?  I don't care at all that it's missing), I've gotta say that I'm in love with this thing.  In loooooooove.

But I didn't just get on here to show you my new toy.  I did want to tell you (if you didn't already know), that you can download the kindle software at no charge to almost any handheld device or computer, and then download the millions of books available (many of them for free).

Just click here, and then pick a free book you like, then follow the links to download the software to your own thingamaggier.

That is all.  Hope you all had a great Christmas.  Now I'm off to read.  I'm knee-deep in the Moonstone, and it's getting really good.