Memory Lane

This morning I pulled my childhood box out of the garage to sort through it.  It's full of pictures, cards, letters, and memorabilia from my childhood.
I sat and read, and laughed and cried going through all my pictures and letters, while my boys ran around the house half naked.  They colored all over themselves in marker and made a complete disaster of our house, but I didn't care.
Maybe I'm just anticipating the holiday, and am missing my family so much.  Maybe I just (really really) don't want to do the huge pile of laundry upstairs.  Maybe I just need a little break.
Rick gets after me sometimes for holding on to things like cards and letters.  He doesn't understand why I hold on to things like that, but on mornings like this morning, when I remember people I haven't thought about in years, when I read through piles of notes and letters from my family and friends, I think he's the one whose crazy.  It makes me feel so loved and lucky to have the family and friends I have (especially Rick who I have a huge stack of letters from.  They are the ones that made me cry this morning).
I hope you don't mind me sharing a few of the things that I scanned in (and I hope you don't mind family that I'm sharing them here).  I got a kick out of all of these:

Clark, Paul, me and Blake (fat baby!).  The four oldest.  My mohawk is rad.

Here we all are again.  I'm pretty sure my Grandma made me this dress.  I love it!

Another cute dress.

I have my first little ballet shoes saved, but what I really love about this picture is looking at our front porch back in the day.  We had railings.  And a screen door!  :-)

I love these old engagement pictures of Clark and Amanda and Paul and Beth (below).  
So so pretty.

All my brothers seriously lucked out with hot chicks!

Blake and Sally's wedding.  Beautiful bride.

I had to scan this postcard in from my Mom.  I still remember when I got it (I was in college).  I laughed and laughed at how she just casually mentions at the end of the postcard that their car got stolen (but found!).  
My Mom is so awesome.

And here is my awesome Mom when she is pregnant and on bed rest with the twins.  She loved to sit outside that summer and look at the pretty flowers.  I love how John is cuddled up with her, and seeing his dragon big-wheel next to them.  He loved that thing.  I still remember him riding it around, with a big smile on his face and his blond hair flopping around.

Awwww.  The twins.  They were the cutest, funniest little babies ever.  They used to talk, and laugh and even argue with each other in baby language, even at this young age.
So cute.