Four things I love for Friday

This picture that Vaughn drew earlier:
I can't pinpoint exactly what it is that I find so adorable about it-- it's not his most elaborate drawing ever, but it sure made me smile.  I even framed it and put it on my desk.  Vaughn calls it "Boy looking out the window."

The Mediterranian restaurant Rick and I went to last night:

Oh. my. gosh.  I love this place.  It's a favorite of both of ours.  They make the pita bread fresh in a big stone oven, and all the food is delicious and priced well, and it's right down the street from us.  Yum.  I must learn how to make the lentil soup there.  I would be completely content with just the soup and pita bread and a side of hummus.


This post from Steve McCurry from this morning.

I want to go to Cuba.  Really bad.  
And I want Steve to teach me a thing or two about photography.  
He's amazing.


This book, that I gave to Rick for Christmas:

It is an amazingly beautiful book full of maps, and fascinating histories of some of the least known of places in the planet.  Rick just finished reading it, and now it's my turn.
I wish I could take credit for finding the perfect book for Rick (because believe me-- this is the perfect book for Rick), but he requested it for Christmas.