Mason's Drawing

Last night as I was typing up my post, Mason sat on my lap drawing in his notebook.  Page after page of his drawings.

I find it so interesting that kids at such a young age, seem drawn to certain activities that they can just get lost in.  For me it has always been music-- I can get so lost in thought, and work through so many emotions through music, without even thinking about it.

For Vaughn, it has always been building-- he can spend hours building elaborate structures with blocks, Legos, rocks, pillows and blankets, and just about anything he can get his hands on.

And for Mason, it is a pencil and a piece of paper.  I am constantly finding him drawing and painting with anything he can find.  He also loves to sit and watch other people draw.  He is always bringing paper and pens to Rick (because he's learned by now that Mommy kind of sucks at drawing) and asking him "Tan you draw?"  They sit together (two peas in a pod) and draw together.  Mason is mesmerized by it.

I thought I would post two of Mason's drawings from last night that made me smile.  They only took him a moment to draw, but I thought they were impressive for a barely two-year-old.

This one he told me, is the Batmobile:
And this one is Batman and Robin: