Pretty Perfect Day

We woke this morning to a dream of snow.

In Vegas, this almost never happens, so the kids were so wide eyed and excited.  They played outside in it for as long as their little footed pajamas would allow them and then we came inside and called Grandma and Daddy at work to tell them the news.

We ate a warm breakfast of eight grain cereal with honey and milk and talked about what we should do for the day.

If there's one thing I've learned living here for almost seven years, is that when the sky has cleared from a storm, you should drop whatever plans you have and head for the cliffs.  So that's what we did.

Red Rocks, though always beautiful, is especially stunning after a storm.  Today was no different.

 (This is us on our way back up.  Mason was crying because his hands were "told.")

I think almost every photographer in the valley came up to shoot pictures.  I felt a little out of place with my point and shoot smudged lens camera, and two little boisterous boys, but everyone looked so happy and we had fun visiting with a few people.  One of them even insisted on taking our picture.

After we climbed, threw snowballs, built mini snowmen, and were all tuckered out, we headed home.  I had started some hearty lentil stew in the crock pot before we left and we had nice warm bowls of it, with a bit of feta cheese crumbled on top for lunch.

After, I let the boys climb into mine and Rick's bed for stories and nap time (a rare treat).  We were all so cozy and warm bundled up together, and had a nice nap.

Late afternoon, we watched a friend's adorable little boy, and she brought a delicious pot of chicken noodle soup as a trade-off.  I know I got the better end of the deal on that one.  So we ate dinner together as a family, then played games together after, and now I'm going to read for a bit, and spend time with Rick.

I know not every day can be so beautiful, but I sure am grateful when they come our way.