Rock Climbing with Vaughn

Today we took Vaughn rock climbing for the first time.  He's been climbing rocks since he was a baby, but never with ropes and a harness.

It was a beautiful Vegas afternoon, and Vaughn did a great job finding his way up to the top.  The rappel down was a little scary for him and took some coaching, but I don't blame him-- I'm thirty-three and don't like rappelling.  It's an enormous leap of faith to defy all the laws of gravity you've learned so far, and lean backwards over a large drop-off.

Mason and I climbed around a bit at the bottom and did a really good job eating apples and oranges.

There's something I find so fulfilling in watching my kids climb around on rocks and dirt.  They can in a moment stand on top of something they've worked their way up and feel their own enormous power and worth, and in that same moment be surrounded by something so much bigger-- a reminder that they are surrounded by powers larger than them.

Mother nature does a much better job teaching my children and making them stronger than I ever could, which is why I take them to her daily.

I loved our afternoon of climbing, hiking, and then Mexican food for lunch.  

I love this desert that we live in.  

I love my family.  

And I love my baby boy who is growing up way too fast.