Six Years With My Rick

Today I am celebrating six years of marriage with Rick.

I was thinking back about my first few dates with him.  Rick was different than anyone I had ever dated before.  He was older, more quiet, and didn't care what others thought of him.  I knew that I enjoyed visiting with him and spending time with him, but wondered if there was any future with him.

On our third date, he invited me to go ice skating.  He took me to the Olympic oval in Salt Lake City, and we got our skates on and hit the ice.

I was surprised to find that Rick couldn't ice skate-- at all.  I held his wobbly hand as he clutched to the side of the rink trying not to fall down, and tried my hardest not to laugh too hard at him.  It was the funniest thing I had ever seen.  I kept wondering "why in the world did he invite me to go ice skating when he can't ice skate?"  Around and around we went, stopping now and then for Rick to stand straight for a minute and to visit more.  At one point he just waved me on and said "Just skate.  Just skate."

An hour or so into it, we went and sat on some benches and got a little snack.  We held hands and I asked him why he wanted to go ice skating with me and he said "I just thought it would be neat to take you to the Olympic Oval and let you see a new place, and to let you skate." (He knew I liked ice skating).

That was the moment I really started liking Rick.  He had sacrificed his time, money, pride (and his poor rear end a few times too) so that he could give me a new experience doing something I enjoy doing.  I still to date, can think of no other boy I've dated who would have so willingly sacrificed those things so early in the relationship, just for me.

After skating, we drove up little cottonwood canyon, parked by Alta ski resort, listening to a Tom Petty CD that Rick had burned for me, and had our first kiss.  I had only the smallest inclination then that this was a beginning of the future that I would have.

Life with my Rick is so good.  I often wonder if happiness in marriage is just chance.  I sometimes picture the scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when they are trying to pick the right cup to receive everlasting life.  The wrong choice can lead to misery, screaming in horror, and sudden death.  The correct choice leads to the wise old knight saying slowly "You..Have...Chosen...Wisely..."

Maybe I'm being a little dramatic, but I feel a relief that I choose the man I did to share my life with.  Everything that I liked about him at the beginning of our relationship, is everything that I still love about him today.

He is steady, stable, kind, intelligent, creative, artistic, likes books and building things, makes me laugh, is tender, forgiving, loves his family, loves God, is strong, loves the outdoors, cooking good food, going new places, and loves me, unconditionally.

I'm so happy he took me ice skating and made a fool of himself that cold day in December.

He is my future.  My everything.  My Rick.