Happy Valentines Day

The boys have been busy cutting and coloring their valentines.
These Crayola 24ct Oil Pastels Portfolio Series are my favorite art supplies that we have at home.  I love the vibrant colors, and how easily they glide on the paper.  You can color with them like crayons, and then use water with them too, as an added dimension.  You can even color on the windows with them, and they easily wipe off (we found that one out on accident).  :)

Rick and I aren't really doing anything special to celebrate Valentines Day.  We might just be the worlds most boring couple.  I was a little bummed about not doing anything special, until I woke up this morning and went downstairs, and saw that not only had Rick put the kids to bed last night (when it wasn't his turn), he had also cleaned up our house, and left me a nice homemade card, some chocolate, and a yummy drink.  That's all I needed.  A little reminder that he still loves me-- and the chocolate didn't hurt either.  :-)

Hope you all have a nice day, wherever you are, and however you celebrate.