Sun Valley Vacation

Rick and I just returned earlier this week, from a week vacation at the Lodge at Sun Valley resort.  We dropped the kids off at my parents, and happily drove away on our own for a little getaway.

I think most people after a long winter, are itching for sand and beaches and warmth (which was our original plan, changed at the last minute), but we decided to get one last taste of winter up in the mountains before the Las Vegas desert heats up to triple digits soon.

Maybe it's because we were married in the winter, or spent our honeymoon in Vancouver, BC all cozied up and enjoying the fresh air, and beautiful city, but I just find something so terribly romantic and refreshing being in the snow and mountains with endless pine trees surrounding us, especially with Rick.

We had such a good time.  I loved where we stayed-- the giant heated outdoor pool, the ice skating rink right out back, the walking trails, the giant front room with a fireplace, and the spa.

We loved going into the small town of Ketchum, and browsing the book stores (Iconoclast Books was my favorite), the shops (I had lots of fun in The Picket Fence) and eating amazing food (I had one of the most delicious meals I have ever eaten at Ketchum Grill-- the shrimp cakes with red pepper remulade and the German chocolate inside out cake were to die for-- everything was SO delicious)

We had to take a picture of Jane street (though who is this Howard guy?  We need to photoshop that to Rick)

And then there was the snow.  Soft powdery beautiful snow.  It was perfect for skiing in-- though on this trip I tried snowboarding for my first time.  Rick said I did good-- I only fell the first two times down, and then was fine after that, but I felt so awkward and clumsy, and kept looking longingly at the skiers wishing I could join them.  It was an experience (one that I'm not likely to try again), and now I can say I've been snowboarding (on a bunny hill, surrounded by little kids that are lucky they didn't get plowed over by a thirty-three year old overweight woman- haha).

View outside one of our windows

What I loved most though, was just hanging out with Rick.  We had so much uninterrupted time to just visit, laugh, and have fun together.

One of the nights I was lying in bed reading poetry when I read this poem, by Louise Gluck:

The White Lilies

As a man and woman make
a garden between them like
a bed of stars, here
they linger in the summer evening
and the evening turns
cold with their terror: it
could all end, it is capable
of devastation.  All, all
can be lost, through scented air
the narrow columns
uselessly rising, and beyond,
a churning sea of poppies--

Hush, beloved.  It doesn't matter to me
how many summers I live to return:
this one summer we have entered eternity.
I felt your two hands
bury me to release its splendor.

I just loved it.  It made me think about love-- beautiful, delicate, vulnerable love.  I'm so grateful I share love with Rick, and that we got to spend the week together in the beautiful Sun Valley mountains.

Beautiful sky on our drive back home.