80's Pop

Since getting pregnant, I've been trying to be good about going to the gym.  The problem is that I don't really like the gym.  I know I was all excited about it in the beginning, because it was such a great deal, but it's full of people, and noise, which are both things I don't like in large doses.  Plus they make some sort of breakfast burrito at the cafe or something that smells so awful, that when I walk in the doors with that peculiar mixture of breakfast burrito, sweat, and clorox wipes/hand sanitizer smell, it really makes me want to throw up.

Anyway...I was a sucker, and I regret it, but I'm going to have to stick it out, plus I know it's really good for me, and will make my labor easier if I exercise.

Recently though I discovered the 80's Pop video station at the gym, and it's totally rocking my workout.

I was born at the end of 77.  For most of my childhood we didn't have a TV, and when we did get one, we never had cable, so I completely missed out on the MTV craze, which  I now realize, is sort of a shame.  I of course heard the 80's pop music, but by the age of eight I heard my first Grateful Dead song, and they became my favorite band, and by the time I was a teenager I was in love with Led Zeplin, The Doors, Bob Marley, and Pink Floyd (so I was basically a pot-smoking hippie).

45 minutes on the eleptical trainer with my ear phones plugged into the little TV in front of me, watching and listening to these videos, and the time flies right on by.  I really spend half my time laughing my head off, which makes me feel like I'm getting a good ab workout too.

Here are a few of my favorites:

I actually liked Duran Duran even as a teenager.  Every time I hear them though, I think of this time my parents sent me on a Greyhound bus to visit my relatives in Montana.  I was 14 years old, and traveled alone.  Driving from my parents to my relatives usually took about four hours, but on this particular bus trip we left at 10pm, and didn't arrive until 6am the next morning.  The bus driver was a chain-smoker and stopped every hour (at least) to smoke, and looked exactly like that guy from the movie Ghost who yells "Get off my train!"  I was the only female on the bus, there was an old drunk guy in back of me who kept peeking at me through the seats, and told me I looked like an angel when I slept.  There was also a really weird 19 year old boy who sat right next to me and loved Duran Duran.  He talked about them forever.  He even had his walkman and made me listen to some of his homemade Duran Duran tapes.  He kept sitting closer and closer to me, and at one point rested his head on my shoulder.  That's when I turned my back against the window, put both my feet against his legs, and pushed him right off the seat into the aisle, on his Duran Duran-loving behind.  He wouldn't talk to me the rest of the drive, and I was very happy for that.  Being the only girl living with six brothers taught me a thing or two about defense mechanisms (hiyah!).

I know this is a weird thing to say, but the girl from Roxette is hot.  If I could go for any look (besides the pot smoking hippie look) I would go for the super-short cool hair, super-skinny look.

Devo, You Must Whip It
You have to watch this one.  It is sooo funny and weird, and it contributes greatly to my ab workout.

A Flock of Seagulls, I Ran
Okay, this is not one of my favorites, but I just have to say that A Flock of Seagulls are so weird, and they kind of creep me out.

This makes me want to get off the elliptical trainer and just shake my booty right there on the gym room carpet.  Girls got soul.

How many drugs do you think were consumed in the 80's?

Had to save the best for last.  The eighties wouldn't have been the eighties without MJ.

I know that I'm barely skimming the surface, and that I'm three decades late in discovering these videos, but they make me happy in the morning when I'm at the gym trying not to throw up.

What are your favorites from the 80's?