Camping at Carpenteria

We just got back from a weekend of camping in Carpenteria, California.  It is a beautiful little seaside town just fifteen miles south of Santa Barbara.  Our good friends, the Shumways invited us, and shared their campsite, which was about a hundred feet from the beach.
Everything was so clean, and lush and green, and it was so nice spending the weekend with family, and friends, and listening to the ebb and flow of those blue pacific waves.  

Vaughn was in his element.  He had friends to play with, and I swear he could have played in the water all weekend long and not gotten sick of it.  There were perfect climbing trees right at our campsite, and he spent a good amount of time climbing and dangling from branches.  He told me that his favorite thing from the trip was roasting marshmallows.

This is our campsite.  Just over the little trail above is the beach:

Rick was so sweet with the boys, and spent lots of time playing in the water with them, and also taking his kayak out.  He said that his favorite thing from the trip was playing with the boys in the water.

Mason was happy to just play in the sand, but was a little afraid of the water.  He kept yelling at everyone to "come back, come back!" when the waves would come in.  He told me his favorite thing from the trip was "Not taking a bath."

I had lots of favorites from the trip, but I think my most favorite, was just waking up in the morning in our tent, listening to the waves, and my boys (Rick is one of my boys too) cute faces all around me.

It was a great weekend, and an amazing place to go camping, and we're grateful to our friends for sharing the experience with us!