Mase Man

Earlier today I was looking through pictures, and came across this one.  It made me smile, and then I got all sad about it, because he's just not my baby anymore.  I remember feeling the same way when I was pregnant with Mason, and looking at baby pictures of Vaughn.  Something about having a new baby on the way, just makes me mourn a little for the baby that has grown up (and I'm sure the pregnancy hormones help in the emotional department).

Mason has always been the sweetest boy.  I feel so lucky, because I get to see the sweetest of him, because I'm his Mom and he's a mama's boy through and through.  Just a week or two ago, in the midst of running around and playing he came up to me, wrapped his arms around my neck and said "I sure love you Mommy."  He gives such sincere expressions, and has such a cute little voice, that he probably has more power than anyone to manipulate me into doing what he wants.

He also has such a funny little personality.  He is constantly doing and saying little things that make me laugh.  The other day we were taking a walk, and he stopped in front of a fence with a barking dog behind it.  He stared at the dog for a minute and then said "cock-a-doodle-doo!" loudly, while flapping his arms as if they were wings.  Yesterday during a quiet moment he looked over at me and said "Bonjour stupid," with a sly little smile on his face (really I should have gotten after him for saying stupid, but I couldn't help but burst out laughing).  Today while taking a bath, he stood up with a stack of Legos on his head and said "I'm the king of Venice!...Ahhh...ahhh...ahhh...CHOO!"  And with the "choo" let his stack of Legos fall to the water, and then laughed so hard he could hardly breath.  He did it over and over again, as if it was the best joke in the world.

He adores his older brother, and follows him around all day long playing along with whatever Vaughn comes up with.  When he gets tired of it, he comes and finds me and sometimes I can still get some cuddles out of him.  He also adores his Dad, and loves when he comes home so he can play with him.

He's obsessed with Superheroes, especially Batman and Robin, and wakes up talking about them, and goes to sleep talking about them.

He cries when his hands get dirty, or when he spills his food, or when he can't draw what he's picturing in his head, and laughs at a good joke, or funny facial expressions.

I can't imagine our family without Mase.  I adore my little boy, and wish he wouldn't grow up so terribly fast.