Fridays are usually my favorite day of the week.  Rick works Monday through Thursday, and it's the start of our weekend.  He always gets up with the boys, makes them breakfast (usually french toast), and then takes them to the park.  So I usually get to sleep in, or just lay in bed an extra hour and two and just read, or daydream in peace and quiet.  :-)

This morning I went outside to bring the garbage cans back in the house right when then boys were pulling up from the park.  The garage door was open, and the car was parked in the driveway.  To my smile and "hello!" Vaughn replied "you can go back inside Mom.  We're going to work in the garage."

So I left the boys to their garage work, and sneaked a peak at them occasionally, and got a few pictures.

Vaughn had fun putting on his tool belt and rainbow suspenders, climbing the ladder, and doing his important work.  He also had fun pounding nails into scraps of wood that Rick gave him, and handling a screwdriver with some screws that were placed there for him too.

Mason had fun measuring things with his ruler.  He said my eyes were a "four," and my arm was a "nine!"  He also measured my leg and elbow, and tried to measure the kitty before he ran for his life.

Rick has recently hung a bunch of drywall sheets around the garage so that he and the boys can paint whatever their hearts desire out there.  This is what he worked on today.

(This is a project he did a few weeks ago while we were in Utah visiting family.  He wanted to surprise the boys with it when they got home, and surprised they were!  It's now hanging in the garage, and gets many young-boy admiration while neighbor kids ride their bikes around our neighborhood)

And this is what the boys worked on today while Rick was painting.  I've wanted to try a larger scale art project with them for a while now, but this is the first we've tried something like this.  I'll have to get some much larger bottles of paint, and some larger brushes, etc...  I wasn't very well prepared for the project, but they still had fun.

Domino was very curious about all this painting business.

The final project they both told me was a map.  Vaughn pointed out our house, and his friends houses, and Africa.  He also pointed out various lakes and trees.  Mason pointed to his road, and said "it goes all the way from China to Gotham City."

Besides the boys swimming in the kiddie pool out back, reading lots of good books, and an unsuccessful shopping trip for maternity clothes (why are maternity clothes so ugly?  All I wanted was a cute wrap around dress or a cute A-line skirt and maybe a few tops, but everything was terribly frilly and ruffly and I didn't find a thing.  Anyway...) we didn't do much else for the day.

I love me some lazy family Fridays.  They're my favorite.

p.s.  I just finished reading Travels with Charley in Search of America, by Steinbeck, and loved every minute of it.  Funny, thoughtful, and intelligent.  Steinbeck is fast becoming one of my favorite writers ever.

 Travels with Charley in Search of America: (Centennial Edition)