Ever since Mother's Day, when Rick and the boys brought me breakfast in bed, my boys have been continuing the tradition, and bringing me breakfast in bed many mornings.  The first time they brought me breakfast in bed (on their own), I was laying in bed while they played downstairs, trying to get just a little bit more sleep in.  They both came upstairs, proudly carrying a cookie sheet with a napkin draped across and a carrot, apple, orange, granola bar, and a bowl and a spoon.  They had huge smiles on their faces and Vaughn said "Here Mom!  We brought you some healthy food for you and your baby."

They've done it many mornings since, and I absolutely love hanging out with my boys in our bed in the morning, eating whatever breakfast they bring for us, and visiting and goofing around.

I always want to remember these mornings, and my sweet sweet boys.  Here are some pictures I snapped this morning.

I tried to get one of the three of us together, but it just didn't work out.  These guys make me a happy Mom.