Pattern Blocks

I got these pattern blocks for the kids a few weeks ago, and they've had lots of fun playing with them.

Plastic Pattern Blocks (Set of 250)Pattern Blocks

Within minutes of opening them for the kids Vaughn had created an intricate pattern, and then started making guys kicking a ball, and bouncing a ball on their heads.

I know the picture quality is horrible, but I really think these guys playing ball are cute!

And Mason's creation makes me smile too.  He was building a Batcave (of course!).

I love toys like this.  They've been great for fine motor skills, creativity, color and shape recognition, spatial reasoning, and beginning math skills.  I feel like whispering to their future selves "hey, you're doing geometry, and you're having fun doing it."  :-)

Rick and I actually love playing with the kids with these too.  Yesterday I just printed off these great cards (free, and also a great blog), and introduced those to the kids as well.  I thought they would use them as a template to put the blocks on top of, but Vaughn looked disgusted when I showed him that-- he wanted to look at the picture, and then make his own just like it right next to the card.

Fun stuff!