Vaughn got really interested in hopscotch a few months ago.  We drew one in chalk outside, and then I explained the rules and he was out there every chance he got.  

Once it started to get too hot to play outside he started creating his own inside with pillows, and cushions, and whatever he could find, but it would often lead to frustration, because the pieces wouldn't stay, and he couldn't play the way he wanted to, so I started to look for some other options.

I finally settled on this play carpet from Amazon.  I thought it was a reasonable price (and I got free shipping with my prime account), I liked the bright colors, and knew it would be sturdy and last a long time.  It also came with two bean bags.  I love that it stores easily, and can be used indoor or outdoors, upstairs or downstairs, etc...

We've been having lots of fun with it so far.  I think I might be having the most fun with it though, if I'm totally honest.  I have so many great memories of hours and hours of hopscotch play at recess with friends, hoppy taw in hand (remember those things?), and my blond hair flopping in the sunshine with each jump.  I'm not gonna lie-- I was really good back in the day.  

But my boys are already giving me a run for this pregnant mommy's money.  I'm so proud.  :-)

There were some other really great ideas online for hopscotch, and a lot of fun ideas for variations on rules.  Here were some of my favorites:

Outdoor Painted Hopscotch (loved the bright colors, and some fun links to variations in rules)
Hopscotch Mat by a Girl and her Gluegun (this is such a fun idea.  I still might make it in the future if I start feeling crafty!)
Beautiful Handmade Mat from Etsy
Cute Quilted Mat (If I actually ever made one of these I'd never let my kids jump on it for fear of ruining it!)
Indoor Hallway Hopscotch (I would totally do this in our upstairs hallway if we had hardwood floors)
Large Indoor Rug

I still think it's best outside, just drawn in chalk-- and I'm sure we'll still play that way when it gets cooler out there, but for now we're enjoying our new mat inside.

Hopscotch rules!