Lazy Saturday

Today was my favorite kind of day.  Lazy.  The house was already clean, the laundry and shopping done, so we took it easy and just spent time as a family all day.

We played Lego's in the morning, and later went up the mountain to take care of a friend's animals while she was out of town.  She has fish, chickens, turkeys, and a dog.  The kids had fun chasing the chickens around and calling the biggest turkey "Doctor Ugly" (he really is an ugly turkey) while Rick and I took care of their food and water.

Then we all went to Dick Blick for some new art supplies, had lunch, and all got a nap.

After naps Rick took the boys on a little outing, and I got some good reading time in while they were out.

Late afternoon we all painted and drew together, while listening to good music (I've embedded the playlist below).

I love that I have a husband who is artistic.  I didn't realize how much I would love that about him, until I married him.  He is constantly working on things, creating, and building, and it makes me happy when we can spend time as a family like this.

In the evening I sat on the porch and watched Rick and the boys play football and soccer with a big group of neighbor boys (and one girl).  They went up and down the street, laughing and playing together until the day disappeared into dark.

And now I'm here, anticipating a movie and possibly munching on popcorn with my main man in a few minutes.

I hope you've all had a good Saturday, doing things you love to do.


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