Travels in Northern California

Here are some pictures from our trip to Northern California for my Grandma's funeral.  It was on a Monday, and since Rick doesn't work on Fridays, we decided to take our time there and back, and enjoy some of the beautiful areas near my Grandma's home.

Pacifica, CA

We stayed in a hotel right next to the beach, and slept with the balcony door open, listening to the waves and curling up to the cool breeze and the smell of salt water.  It was heavenly.

San Francisco
We had fun on the wharf, and looking at all the boats.  We had some great seafood and bread, and enjoyed the sites.

 Goofy boys!

Mason street!

Yosemite was a little slice of heaven on our way back home.

(The boys showing off their muscles)

We also spent time in Gilroy, and enjoyed the scent of garlic in the air, and all the fresh produce stands on our way into town.  

My family rented a giant house in Angel's Camp (which hosts the jumping frog competition), and we had a nice time spending time as a family, and paying our respects to my Grandma.  The cousins had a blast playing in the giant yard and with all the awesome things in the house, and with each other.  One of the highlights for me was rehearsing and then getting to sing "Amazing Grace" with my older brother, Paul, for the funeral.  It's been so long since I sang with him, and I didn't realize how much I've missed it.