Photo taken by Kashina

Dear Vaughn,

Today you turned five years old.  I love when you and Mason have birthdays because I get to remember all the moments before I had you, and when you were a newborn, and the journey with you so far.

I just finished putting you and Mason to sleep and sat in the room singing to you both, while I rocked in the rocking chair and looked out at the dark street.  I sat there, even after you had both fallen into sleep, and remembered those first days after I brought you home.  I felt so alive, and happy, and euphoric.  You were such a strong, beautiful baby, and I thought you were the cutest thing I had ever seen.

I loved taking little walks with you, just around our neighborhood in those first days-- you strapped and cuddled into me, and getting a little sunshine in the early mornings and afternoons.  It makes me laugh now to think that I could hold your gigantic personality in such a small space back then.  It didn't take long before you gained some mobility, and left that small space in my arms, and you've been on the go ever since.

I love to be a part of your world-- to see the things you create, hear the thoughts in your head, and to watch you interact with the people and things around you.  You are an amazing person, with developing talents, abilities, and love for the world and the people, animals, and places in it.

We've had such a fun day celebrating your birth and life today-- with good food, a trip to the park, your first birthday party with friends (a Lego party), gifts, and family time in-between.  I'm so glad we had the day to celebrate, and have fun with you.

I'm so grateful to be your Mom, and that you made my transition into Motherhood so easy, especially in those first days.  I cherish those memories.  You are so sweet, strong, funny, creative, and special.  I love you so much.

Happy Fifth Birthday!