Southern Utah Girls Trip

This weekend I enjoyed a really fun family girl trip with my Mom, my Grandma Fitzgerald, my Aunt Neldene, my cousin Shelly, and her little boy Austin.  My Mom treated us all, and it was so fun spending some time with these women who I admire and love so much.

We started in Zion National Park for one night, and enjoyed the canyon, and visiting, and food.  My Grandma, though she's lived in Utah her entire life, had never been to Zion!  She was able to take the shuttle up the canyon, and see a little of the beautiful canyon that I love so much.

The next day we headed down to Cedar City, Utah, which hosts the Utah Shakespeare Festival, and enjoyed another night there, and two plays.

Cedar City is one of my favorite places in the world.  I spent several years there as a college student, and have such great memories of walking to and from campus, the red mountains right in front of me.  I never got tired of its simple beauty.  I loved the campus, and all my professors there.  Even though my degree is technically from the University of Utah (since I finished my last few classes there), my heart is with SUU, and the experiences I had there.

This was the fiftieth anniversary of the Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City.  They do an amazing job with the festival, and have gained national recognition for the work they do.  It is a really fun and affordable get-away, and so fun to see some amazing plays.

We watched Noises Off! on Friday night:

I don't think I have ever laughed so hard while watching a play.  Everyone was laughing-- hard.  Even my Grandma, which is saying something.  I left the play with my stomach literally aching.  So much fun.

On Saturday afternoon we watched A Winters Tale, by Shakespeare:

It was such a beautiful play.  It was visually stunning, and one of my favorite stories from Shakespeare.  It made me laugh and cry.  I loved it.

After the play we snapped a few pictures together (sadly these were the only pictures I really took all weekend).  I loved this one of me and my Grandma:

I started to realize on this trip how old she is getting.  I got a little choked up on my drive home thinking of her, and how much I will miss her when she's not here anymore.  I'm grateful we had this weekend to spend together.  I sure love her, and all the women I spent time with this weekend.

Rick and the boys had fun having a "boy party" while I was away, and I don't think they even missed me.  It was nice to have a little break from the responsibilities of Motherhood and taking care of the house.

Thanks for such a fun trip Mom!