Traveling Man

Reykjavik, Iceland

In a few minutes I leave to pick up Rick from the airport.  He's been in Europe travelling, and the boys and I went to Utah to visit family since we didn't want to be all on our lonesome.

I'm so tired.  We drove home today, and I've already unloaded the car, unpacked and put everything away, cleaned the outside and the inside of the car, gone grocery shopping and stocked our fridge/pantry, gone to the library, gotten us dinner, and gotten the boys bathed and ready for bed. 

And here I am, even blogging.  I know that if I go lie down for a minute that I'll fall asleep and never wake up.

I thought I'd share a few of the pictures that Rick has sent to me from his trip and some of my random thoughts of the moment. 

Hot Springs near Reykjavik, Iceland

Some people think it's strange that I'm okay with my husband travelling around the world for pleasure, while I stay back with the kids.  I think they feel sorry for me that I'm being left behind while he's off on an adventure. 

Early in our marriage I realized how important travelling was to Rick.  He had always talked about all these places he wanted to see, and has always been very interested in maps, and travel books and photography, but I always would nod, and file his wishes for "future dreams" or "things we'll do some day."  One night he was standing on the porch with a friend visiting, and when I walked outside to chat with them, he looked at me and said "Jane, I've got to get out see some of these places."  There was something in the way that he said it, that I realized his desire for travel and to see the world was much different than my casual interest in new places and land.  His went much deeper.  If he got to the end of his life and hadn't traveled and experienced parts of the world, he would feel disappointed.

Copenhagen, Denmark:

I also realized, that I had the exact perfect personality to push Rick toward the travels he wanted.  Rick makes decisions slowly.  He's cautious and thoughtful.  In the past, when he's had opportunity for travel, he's made excuses to not go-- not enough money, still in school, or whatever the reason.  I could see those same wheels turning in his head that night on the porch.  He wanted to travel so badly, but we have young kids, a mortgage, and a million reasons why he shouldn't go.  But I'm spontaneous, impulsive, and usually make decisions easily.  I could see how important it was to him, and want him to be happy, so I've been pushing him toward his travels since that night.  

Stockholm, Sweeden:

Rick does the same for me.  He knows the things that are most important to me, and encourages me and pushes me toward those things.  He wants me to be happy.  Traveling is a much different thing to me than it is to him.  I have a desire to see new places and meet new people, but it is perfectly satisfied by a small trip to a beautiful canyon or beach, or a visit to family.  Someday, I'm sure we'll travel together, but for now, I'm happy to watch him go and have a good time.

Stockholm, Sweeden:

I can't wait to pick up my Rick in a minute and to hear all about his adventures.  I love that boy.