Birthday Girl

Yesterday was my 34th Birthday.  It was a perfect birthday.  I woke up and Rick and the boys surprised me with a new waffle maker, and then made me some delicious waffles with yogurt, berries, bananas, and nuts on top.  Then my parents, who are in town spoiled me with new dishes that I've been wanting.

I got a couple of packages from close friends, and lots of birthday wishes and calls from everyone, and it made me feel so loved.

In the morning, my parents took the boys to the park while Rick and I went to my baby appointment.  We got to listen to his heartbeat while they were doing the non-stress test, and he was very active, and is doing very well.  We were both assured that at some point, when the baby is ready, my body will kick into active labor, but for now he's doing great which makes me happy.  Afterward Rick and I browsed through World Market, and picked up a few last minute items.  It was fun to just stroll through the store without the kids and visit and laugh together.

In the afternoon, Rick braved Costco with Vaughn (it was-- not surprisingly-- a nightmare) while I got to cuddle up with Mase and take a long nap.

Then in the evening we made a really yummy dinner of taco salad, with fresh guacamole and salsa and all the fixings.  For desert, Rick made me my very favorite cake, German chocolate, and it was SOOOO good.

Then I took a hot bath and got to visit with my family for a while, and then I read and went to bed early.  I know none of this sounds terribly exciting, but when everyone asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday my answer was pretty much: "Nothing.  I want to sit and do nothing at all for my birthday."  Rick and I had a nice date the night before, and we've been having so much fun with my parents in town and Christmas approaching, that I just wanted to relax and enjoy a day at home.

We're so excited for Christmas to come tomorrow.  I've really taken it easy this Christmas, and it's made it one of the most enjoyable that I can remember.  I've had the gifts and everything ready for weeks, and really haven't put any pressure on myself for things like sending cards and neighbor gifts.  I figure that everyone who cares will forgive me this year.  :-)  The boys and I have done some spontaneous and fun Christmas activities-- but only when it's been convenient, or when it's their idea, which has made it really fun.  It's been a really simple Christmas, and I've loved it.

I hope that you all are enjoying your holidays too.  Merry Christmas!