Dates With My Boys

This week I decided to go on individual dates with both Vaughn and Mason.  I wanted to do something special with them before the baby gets here and I won't have much one on one time with them for a while.

On Thursday I took Vaughn to see the Bodies Exhibition at the Luxor hotel and casino.  I've been thinking of taking him for quite a while, but wondered if he might be too young.  Ever since Vaughn has been about two, he's been obsessed with the body-- what's inside it, how it works, and what it can do.  It started with skeletons and bones, and through the years his interest has progressed.

When my Grandma passed away in August and we were driving to her viewing and funeral, I was worried about how the kids might react to seeing her in the casket.  I started to explain to them what they were going to see, and was trying to explain as sensitively as I could that it is only going to be her body that they will see, but that her spirit and soul are still alive, and that she is happy wherever she is.  Vaughn looked a little confused at first, but at a certain point in the conversation, his whole face brightened, and he said "you mean I'm going to see a real dead body!  I'm so excited!  I've never seen a real dead body before!"  (I have to mention that he had only been around my Grandma a couple times in his whole life.  His reaction may have been different if we had lived closer to her and he knew her well).  During the viewing he was incredibly interested in everything, but he was also incredibly sweet and sensitive about it.  He wanted to go up close to my Grandma again and again, and would softly pat her hand and stand next to her.

Since then, I've been thinking that he would probably be really fascinated by the exhibition, and he was.  It was a great outing for both of us.  It was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the body and how it works.  It was beautiful and simple.

This is the only picture I got.  They don't allow photography through the exhibit, but I managed to get a snapshot in front of the sphinx.  This was also a perfect outing, because Vaughn has also been obsessed with Egypt for quite some time.  Every time we drive by the strip, Vaughn points out the Luxor hotel, and says "There's the pyramid!"  He was so excited that we got to go in the pyramid, and see "real dead bodies."

I just love my Vaughn.  He's so funny and sweet and crazy, and smart.  I could write things down on a daily basis that he says and does that make me laugh, or have me scratching my head in confusion wondering how on earth he was thinking about that.  I can't imagine what he will do with his life and what he will become.  I imagine he will always be keeping us on our toes and occasionally scratching our head, but also laughing and smiling and entertained with his energy, sweetness, and creativity.  I feel so lucky to be his Mom and that we got to go on a fun date together.  I made him hold my hand (because that's what you do when you go on a date) and after it was over gave him a big kiss on the cheek and told him "thank you for going on a date with me!  I had so much fun," and I did.  I loved the big smile he gave me.

On Friday I took Mason on our date.  I decided to take him to a little comic book store by our house that is full of comic books, but also tons of super hero memorabilia.  I've never taken my kids in there, and I just knew that Mason would love the store.  As soon as we drove up his whole face brightened and he started pointing out all the posters on the store front and naming all the super heroes.  He was absolutely mesmerized by everything in the store.  We sat on the floor together and looked through comic book after comic book talking about all his favorite characters.  Then we looked at all the little toys and posters and gadgets that they had through the store.  He was in super hero heaven.  It was so cute.  The store owner absolutely loved Mason.  He even gave him some free memorabilia because he thought he was so cute.

After I was finally able to drag him away, we went and got some frozen yogurt nearby.

 It was so fun to sit and visit with my cute and crazy little boy and to make silly faces at each other.  He has just grown up so fast.  He still feels like my baby, and it's going to be crazy to have another little baby boy to take his place on my lap.  I hope he will always know how much I love him and am grateful for him even when I don't have as much time to cuddle with him and spend time with him.  He is so smart and sensitive and funny and cute.  I love being his Mom and hearing and seeing all the funny things he does everyday.  I'm glad I got to spend the morning with him having a fun time together.

Tomorrow is my official due date.  Since both of these boys didn't want to budge until a few weeks after my due date, I'm not expecting this pregnancy to be any different.  I'm thinking we'll still have a few weeks to hang out together waiting for their baby brother to get here.  We're so excited to meet the newest boy in our family and to see what he will be like!

Thank you to everyone who has given me extra kindness-- through your words, actions and support.  I love you all!