The Little Man Cooking a Snake in His Pot

Yesterday Vaughn drew me this picture.  I thought it was cute-- especially all the details that he told me about it, so I thought I'd scan it in, and share what he told me about it (the one's that I can remember anyway-- I think he talked to me about this man for about twenty minutes).  
"This is a little man.  He was flying to Canada, but his plane crashed and landed in the desert.  He didn't have any food, so he has to find desert animals that have meat in them, and eat them.  This is his little pot, and he found a snake, and he is cooking a snake, and he's going to eat it.  This is the smoke from the fire, floating in the air."

"He is a secret police and a detective.  He has a little backpack that has little bombs in it, and he used the little bombs to build a house that is underneath the ground.  It is a really big house, and he has all sorts of police animals.  He has a skunk that doesn't stink, a big blue whale, and a police dog.  He made lots of friends that live in the desert too, and he is going to live there forever now."

"He also has a rubber ducky.  Because he's a dwarf.  And a real duck too."

"Here Mom.  You can keep this.  I made it for you.  You can hang it in the bathroom, so you can always look at it."

The end.