Chip-mouse in Vegas

This morning I went to a Dahn Yoga class with a friend.  She won some free classes and has gone the last few days and has been telling me about it.  I wanted to try it, so luckily she took me along with her.  It was crazy, weird, and awesome.  I guess you can say that I loved it.  I really can't describe it, but here's a video if you're interested:

While I was away Rick and the boys made this "chip-mouse" trap.  The boys were so excited to show me what they created with their Dad when I got home.

We've had a few chipmunks regularly visit our backyard since moving here.  The boys have tried in vain (sometimes for hours at a time) to capture them, to no avail.

Rick said the boys told him exactly the way they wanted it.  Vaughn was concerned about making sure that it also had some water along with the peanuts they first put into it.  I think he is planning on trapping and keeping one for a pet.

Window to look out at the view!

Here's to Saturdays with family where we can do whatever crazy things our hearts desire.

Happy Weekend, friends.

p.s. If we trap anything, I'll keep you posted.  :-)