Celebrating Seven (a few months late)

Yesterday I surprised Rick with a night without the kids.  I worked all day getting the house spotless and all the laundry washed and put away.  Then my dear friend came and picked up my kids and took them up to the canyon, and then to her house for dinner and a sleepover.  They were so excited (and so was I!).

Rick came home to find out that everything was clean, and we had an entire night to do whatever we wanted to.  We ended up having a delicious dinner out with steak and lobster and shrimp, and then watching a movie at home.  It was just so nice to have so much time to visit and feel free for a moment.  I think we both really needed it.

During the day I was thinking about when Rick and I were first married, before we had kids.  We lived in a dingy little one bedroom apartment.  It smelled like cigarette smoke and was disgusting, but it was in a great location.  We were right across the street from a huge beautiful library (really-- right across the street).  We used to go there often and just browse through books, and sit and read and relax.  We also lived across the street from a movie theater.  Sometimes we'd walk across the street and go see a movie.  One time Rick fell asleep during a movie that he thought was boring, and started snoring.  I laughed so hard.

We liked cooking together.  Sometimes we'd have iron chef cook-offs.  We'd pick an ingredient and then cook together in the kitchen, and come up with our own creations, and eat each other's dishes.  Rick's were always the most interesting, and the most delicious.  He's a great and creative cook.

We loved going into the canyon together for long hikes and climbs.  We'd go so many evenings after work, until dusk settled down on us, and the bats would come out and blindly swoop around.

We loved an adventure-- trying new food, or going new places.  One time we drove to Area 51, just because we didn't have anything to do that day, and neither of us had ever been there.  We drove for hours, just to arrive at a little shack that served as the gas station/restaurant/hotel.  I think it was called the Area 51 Cafe.  There was really nothing else to see, but we weren't disappointed.  We just laughed and enjoyed our long drive to visit with one another (and now we can both say we've been to Area 51!).

A lot has changed since those beginning days of marriage.  We've moved, gotten different cars, changed positions and jobs, traveled together, had three children, and experienced the loss of a child together.  There has been happiness, sorrow, joy, heartache, growth, and love.  Always love.

The other night at a girls game night, someone asked me what I love about Rick the most.  I didn't have much time to answer, so I just said his creativity, but my mind was flooded with things that I love about him.  His creativity, his warmth, how reliable and steady he is, how deeply he loves his family, his quirky sense of humor, the way he wrestles and plays with the boys, the way he looks like a little boy still when he's sleeping, his eyes, his arms, his lips, how he's filled with ideas about the world and things that he wants to do and build, the many drawings of superheros he makes for the boys, his artwork, his love of music and good food, that he gives me time and space for my interests and friends.  He is kind, and funny, smart, and hard working, and he is my best friend.

January sixth was our seventh anniversary.  It was a sad, but good day.  I had just come home from the hospital the night before.  When we woke up, Rick went to the pharmacy to get some items that I needed.  When he came home he took out a bottle of Metamucil that he had gotten for me (sorry if that's TMI), and smiled while shaking it and said "For our anniversary, I got you Metamucil!"  I laughed so hard, which I needed at that moment.  It was all so pathetic and sad.  He actually did get me a real gift-- a light for my kindle, and a sweet card and note.  Our house was already full of flowers from so many dear friends and family.  For dinner my family took the boys out camping so that Rick and I could have a quiet evening at home.  He went and got me my favorite lentil soup from a Greek restaurant nearby and we sat and ate by candlelight.  I remember feeling such a warmth for Rick in that moment, and for all the cares he was taking for me.  We tried watching a movie together, but it was difficult.  My mind was a million miles away, and every ten minutes someone would knock on the door bringing us food, or flowers, or gifts, and hugs.  I felt so grateful for all the people in my life who are so kind, loving, and generous.  I felt so loved.

Mostly I felt grateful for Rick.  It's been a wonderful seven years being married to him and having him by my side.  He's made me a happy woman, and has shared with me the family that I've always wanted.  I'm glad I get him for forever.