Easter Morning

This morning we went and visited the plot where Adam is buried.  It's the first time I've been back since the service.  I love the cemetery where he is buried.  It is right up against the Wasatch mountains, so close to the home I grew up in.  Today the mountains were accented in snow, the air was fresh and cool, with warm sun on our shoulders, and birds chirping cheerfully in the flowering trees.

It seemed a perfect way to start our Easter morning.  The reminder that even though we all must experience death, there is still life and beauty and things growing and coming to life.

I thought of my baby and how much I love him and the hope that I will get to be with him again some day.

I've been in Utah for a week.  Oh how I love the seasons in Utah.  There were so many flowers and spring smells on this trip.  Daffodils, tulips, pansies, pink cherry tree blossoms, and puffy white flowering pear tree blossoms.  On one of the days we woke up to my parents yard blanketed in snow.  It was magical.  The kids and I put on some snow gear and played in the snow all morning.  After a few hours it had all melted in the warm sun.

After visiting the cemetery this morning we went and had breakfast with my Grandma Fitzgerald (Grandma Fitz, as we call her around here).  I had to take some pictures of her flowers as well (the tulips and pansies above and below).  Whenever I think of my Grandma I will always think of beautiful flowers and plants growing.  She has been so loving to me my whole life and I'm so grateful for her.

It's been a wonderful trip.  I've spent my days with my family and friends and my boys have loved playing with their cousins, Aunts and Uncles and Grandparents.

We had a trip to the Zoo, a celebration of Sally's birthday, a trip to the new City Creek Center in downtown Salt Lake, runs in the morning at Falcon park, good food at Cafe Rio, and Pat's BBQ, a wonderful girls dinner at Olive Garden, a birthday party for my niece, a delicious dinner at John and Kim's where we sat by a fire afterward and made S'mores and looked at the full moon through their telescope, a day at Lagoon, dinner and a walk with a friend, and then our outing and drive home today.

After the drive home today I thought about how every time I come into town in Utah I feel so happy to be home.  It's like my whole soul takes a deep breath and I fill up with happiness and gratitude.  But then by the time my trip is over and we've driven the six hours back to our home I feel that exact same feeling when I get off the freeway and drive closer and closer to home.  When I walk through the door into our home I always smile and feel that same feeling of happiness and contentment.

I'm a lucky girl to have so much family and beauty surrounding me.  To be able to celebrate this Easter with people and places that mean so much to me.  There's no place like home.

Happy Easter everyone!