Pretty Perfect Saturday

Yesterday was beautiful.  Practically perfect.

I started the morning running in the rain with a good friend.

I came home and soaked in a hot bath.

After, we went as a family to Red Rocks and hiked and took these pictures.

It was gorgeous.  There were hardly any people there (which is really rare for a Saturday afternoon).

I was happy that we had the place to ourselves, but kept wondering why no one else was there to enjoy one of the prettiest days I've ever spent in the canyon.

The weather was perfect too.

People here are crazy (except the people who I love and am friends with).  :-)

We went to lunch as a family at a little hole in the wall Thai restaurant and ate to our heart's content.

The kids ate everything alongside us and even liked the spicy stuff.

The waitresses thought they were cute and brought them extra fruit and even a piece of candy.

 I tipped them too much, but they earned it.

We came home and let Daddy take a nap while we tried to be quiet.

Then Rick and the boys drew at the table while I got my lesson ready for church today.  I teach the seven-year-olds now and I think they are the cutest.

After the kids were ready for bed, they snuggled in and and we read Owl Moon, The Monster at the End Of This Book, and a chapter from Charlotte's Web.  They fell asleep without another peep from them.

Then Rick and I curled up and watched this Nova special.  It was about a piece of art that they discovered, and think Da Vinci might have painted.  Cool stuff.

A pretty perfect Saturday.