Mother's Day 2012

Here's what I wrote on fb on Mother's Day:

Today I'm grateful for my sweet boys who brought me breakfast in bed happily exclaiming "Happy Mudders Day!", gave me wonderful cards and loves all day, my husband who gave me a break all weekend, my Mom who makes my job so much easier by showing me how to put your whole heart into mothering, my sweet baby Adam who we lost in January who is teaching me so much every day, and so many of you wonderful women who inspire me and give so much of yourself to better other people. I love you! xo

We took this picture right before leaving for church.  Church was awesome.  They had all the men take over the third hour so that the women could all go to RS together.  Rick helped out in Primary.  He had helped me the week before and knew how it normally runs.  When we got in the car he just shook his head, laughed and said "man it was wild in there.  It was kind of like being at a rock concert with a mosh pit."  I loved sitting in Relief Society listening to some of my favorite people talk about Mothers and women who have inspired them in their life.  I left feeling lifted and loved and appreciated.

At church they had the kids fill out little surveys about their Moms.  Here are Vaughn and Mason's:

Cute and funny, and (mostly) true.

Here are the cards that they made me (these images just don't do it justice!).  Rick's homemade card from him and the boys.  This is the outside of the card.  The petals are all cut out, and the coloring is on the inside:

This is the inside:

I won't show you the other side that Rick wrote on, or he might kill me.  :-)  I always love the cards that Rick makes for me.

Vaughn's Card:

Vaughn standing on top of a mountain with a giant flower next to him and a bumble bee on top of the flower.

Mason's Card:

He drew all his favorite superhero symbols, then cut each one out, and glued them to the inside of the card.  Really, how better could my three-year-old say "I love you" than that?

I really didn't want Rick to get me any gifts this year.  Because let's just be honest-- when I really want something I just go ahead and order it on Amazon (which is why I'm always being banned from Amazon.  :-)

My favorite gift was on the Friday before Mother's Day.  Rick took the boys on a Fathers and Sons campout, and I had the whole house to myself for an entire night and day!

Here's my fb post from Saturday:

Rick took the boys on a campout yesterday so I've been doing stuff that I normally don't get to do. I drove Rick's truck (225k miles and still going!) with the windows rolled down and Pearl Jam unplugged blaring, went on a long beautiful hike by myself, ate my favorite lentil soup (Rick hates lentil soup. It reminds him of sea lice), stayed up all night reading, and slept on the bed sideways (just because I could). I've loved every minute of it!

I think I'm going to make him take the boys camping without me every few months.  I had the best time.  I felt so refreshed and happy and by the time they came home I was so happy to see them and kiss their dirty faces.

Here are some pictures from their camping trip:

I love all my boys.  They make me a happy happy Mom!