Mase Man & Vaughnster

When I look back and try to remember Mason as a little boy, I will think of him like this-- running around in his superhero cape, with his underwear always on backward (because he likes to see the pictures of superheros on them of course), singing the theme song to whatever character he's pretending to be.

Sometimes I'll start singing a song as he runs along, and almost always he'll stop, furrow his brows at me and say "No Mom!  I'm not Wolverine!" or "No Mom!  That's not how the song goes!"  Better not mess up the theme songs with this boy.

He loves to draw.  I was going through a basket of some of his drawings the other day and scanned some in.    Here's a couple of them:

He fills about ten pages a day of pictures like this.  He also loves to write letters and his own name.  He usually cuts his guys out, so most of his pages have little squares cut out of them, and wherever he's been drawing I can always find little scraps of paper all over the table or floors.  Sometimes, when he's feeling especially sweet, and he's not thinking about superheros (a rarity), he will draw me little teeny flowers, cut them out, and smile sweetly while he hands them to me and says "Here Mom, I made you a flower!"

Tonight at dinner we talked about what kinds of things we would like to invent.  Rick said he'd like to invent a jet pack, Vaughn went on and on about a whole spy system in our house (it was really very elaborate and sounded cool, but there is just no way I could convey the details here or the excitement in which he told us about it).  I said I would invent a transporter, and when we asked Mase what he'd like to invent, he just shrugged and said "A refrigerator, so then I could just open it and get food out of it and eat it."  We all bust up laughing about that one (maybe you had to be there).

Vaughn is always making me laugh (or want to cry).  He does everything full force.  I think of him back as a baby (even in my belly), and how every time he was laying down he was constantly moving his arms and legs.  Don't believe me?  Here:

This was not unusual.  At all.  In fact, I even remember when Rick took this video, I wondered why on earth he'd taken a minute long video of Vaughn just lying on the ground.  This is what Vaughn was always doing-- moving, talking, trying to lift his head.  Then he became a toddler and everywhere he went he was running, running, running.  He had big huge goosebumps almost constantly for at least a year, until he really got better at running and not tripping over things and falling.  He never slowed down-- just got more coordinated.

He still approaches everything the same way.  Though he's not exactly running everywhere anymore, his mind is certainly running ahead of him, and he has so much excitement for life.  The other morning he went and got the paper and brought it into me and said "Mom.  We are so lucky because when they bring us the paper we get a free rubber band!"  Later that day when we were eating lunch he said "Mom.  Do you know what my favorite drink is?"  I knew what he would answer (whatever it is he had in his cup, which at the moment was water).  "What?"  I asked him.  He got a huge smile and answered "Water!  I loooooove water!"

This is so typical Vaughn.  At almost every meal, even if he's hesitant to eat it at first, he starts talking about how much he loves what he's eating, and how good it tastes!  And how much he loves his food!

He makes me little love notes all the time, and invents cute games for me to find them.  Or sometimes he just comes and gives them to me and gives me a little hug.

I love my boys right back.  So sweet, cute, funny, smart, creative, crazy, and loving.  Mase Man and Vaughnster.  My boys.