This morning Vaughn came with me to walk our neighbor's Golden Retriever.  It was raining.  Vaughn bounced along beside me, his blond head bobbing, with his Dr. Seuss backpack on his back, while he searched the wet dirt for treasures.  Part way through he climbed up a little mound of dirt, and said "hold on Mom, I've got some important work to do."  He took his backpack off, and got a plastic spy camera out of it, and started clicking away on it with a serious look on his face.  I stopped and looked at him, my little five-year-old freckled nosed boy.  His white t-shirt smudged and moving in the wind-- the sweet smell of rain around us.

Later in the day Rick and I went and saw Moonrise Kingdom (loooooved it).  We didn't go together because Mason wasn't feeling good and we didn't want to leave him with a sitter.  Rick went to a noon showing, while I hung out with the kids and got Mason down for a nap, and then I went and saw a late afternoon showing.  I came home with tortilla soup, and Rick was sitting on the couch reading the boys a story.  They were both snuggled right into him on the couch-- Mason with no shirt on, and Vaughn in his pajamas.  They told me all about the "crazy ball bouncing" game they played while I was gone.  I think it basically involved a small bouncy ball and them throwing it all over the house trying to get the craziest bounces.  At one point of the game, when the ball really went crazy, Mason stopped and said "This ball is really freaking me out!"  

Yesterday Vaughn captured this little moment while he was learning how to use the video camera on our phone.

It's not quite as sweet as a moment as the ones above, but it still makes me laugh when I see it.  Mase drawing at his drawing table, picking his nose, then whining (he isn't feeling good), and then punching Vaughn.  Me paying medical bills at the desk, facebook on in the background, and Vaughn asking me how to use the camera.

This is my life.  The moments in my life. I love it (even the nose-picking and punching).

Have a great weekend world.  And go see Moonrise Kingdom.  It will make you smile.  Promise.