Treasure Hunt

I feel bad I haven't blogged about our lives lately.  I just haven't felt like writing.  I don't know why (actually I do.  It's because I've been in an unusually rotten mood, and little things that don't normally phase me are driving me batty.  And I've decided that one of the worst places to go when you're in a rotten mood, is on social media sites.  When I'm in a rotten mood, the place to be is in a great book, or spending time outside, or playing with my boys, or spending time with Rick).  Anyway.  My life isn't terrible-- this mood isn't consuming me, it's just a small bump in the road, and I'm already feeling better (except when I go onto facebook and everyone's talking about stupid chicken sandwiches!  Stop everyone, for the love, just stop!).

So here's something that made me happy today:

I went out on some errands this morning and took the boys with me.  While I was gone, Rick set up (totally spontaneously) a treasure hunt for them.  He made a floor plan of our house (sorry the pictures are horrible-- I took them with my phone):

Then he went and hid a bunch of treasures around the house (X marks the spot).  Then he got slips of paper for each thing he hid, and gave the kids hints about what the item was.  He put the clues in a cup, and the boys took turns drawing them out, and would have me help them read them.  Then they would find the number of the item on the map, and figure out where it was hidden, by looking at the map.

They were squealing, and running around the house like it was Christmas (and speaking of Christmas, I think I may just do treasure hunts like this in the future for other special occasions like Christmas.  Way more fun!).  It was so cute, and it kept them entertained for a long time-- clue drawing, clue reading, map searching, treasure finding, and then finally treasure enjoying.

Here's the loot:

They each got some glow sticks, a new blank notebook, a Halloween pencil, jellybeans, smarties, coins, cool rocks, and some chocolate.

They were two happy boys:

Rick's such a good Dad.  I love him.