A Visit From the Tooth Fairy

Yesterday evening Vaughn came and showed us that his tooth was loose-- barely loose.  I figured that we'd have a couple of weeks of it getting looser and looser, a little bit of drama, and then Rick (because I can't stand anything to do with teeth), would eventually pull it out.  Instead Vaughn was playing with a blanket this morning, bit down on it, and yanked his own tooth out.  It was painless and drama-less.

He was so excited about loosing his first tooth.  He ran up to everyone he knew (and didn't know) at church today, and got close to them while protruding his lower lip, until they could figure out what he was trying to show them.  He begged to call his Grandma and Grandpa and give them the exciting news the moment we got home from church.

Before going to bed he wrote the Tooth Fairy a letter.  here's the front:

"I yanked my tooth out."  And the back:

"Love Vaughn."  With a picture of the tooth fairy, and his tooth taped onto a spot (so she would be able to see his tooth).

He really wanted to leave her some money, or something that she would like.  He asked so many questions about her, and told me "I won't catch her Mom.  I'll just let her go so she can fly around."

I decided to swap out the tooth and the note for this:

A dollar bill basket with two quarters in it, and a teeny note from the tooth fairy.  I ended up folding it up with a little sticker on it.  I copied the idea from here.  I thought it was a really cute idea, and I think Vaughn is going to be so excited when he wakes up.

So fun to be the tooth fairy!