Dear Mason,

Today you turned four years old.  Early in the morning, when the sun was just rising, you pattered to our room, like you always do, and climbed into bed next to me.  I kissed your head and told you happy birthday, and you said "Thanks mama," and kissed my cheek.  I said "You're four years old now!" and you said "Yay!  Now I can climb walls and ride a bike like Vaughn can!"  I scratched your back for a few minutes, which you relaxed into and loved.  After I was done you told me to turn over, and you started drawing letters and pictures on my back.  

When the rest of the family had finally woken (including Grandma and Grandpa Emett who came at night while you were already asleep!), we went downstairs, where Dad had set up a treasure hunt for your birthday presents.

You had clues for each present, and you excitedly pulled them off and had Dad read them to you, and Vaughn running around helping you find all your presents.  You were so excited.

We got you a DC Super Pets Candy Store Caper book (with Robin in it, of course!).  And a Tiny Titan book too.  And a ream of paper.  Because your favorite thing to do is draw, and every time we go to print something, we discover that you've stolen all our paper.  Dad wrote on top of the printer paper package "Bat Paper" with a giant bat symbol on it.  You thought it was so cool.

You also got your first electric pencil sharpener.  I bought you a red one at the store, because Red is your favorite color, and I was sure you'd love having an electric sharpener (you just haven't quite mastered manually sharpening them yet, and you go through so much pencil in a day!).  When I got home and showed Dad, his wheels started turning, and he wanted to transform it into a Robin pencil sharpener.  So I called my friend, who let us have some of her Vinyl, and Dad cut it out and made you this.

You thought it was the coolest thing ever.  And you are probably the only person in the whole world who has an electric Robin pencil sharpener.  

Then you opened up presents that your cousins sent down with Grandma and Grandpa.  A cool lizard mask, and skittles.  You and Vaughn ran around and played spider man and lizard man for a long time.

Grandma and Grandpa gave you lots more art supplies, and superhero t-shirts.

For breakfast we had waffles and bacon which you gobbled up.  We got you ready for church, and we got you ready for your very first talk in primary.  We drove to church, and you got to drive in Grandma and Grandpa's car because it was your special day, and you felt so big and happy.

At church you did such a great job on your talk.  You weren't scared at all, and got right up to the microphone, all smiles, and said exactly what you needed to say.  Afterward the primary sang happy birthday to you, and you stood there with the cutest smile on your face.  It was fun to watch your bright happy face, and to share that moment with Dad, and your grandparents.

For dinner we had your favorite, hot dogs, on the special star plate that only gets used for someone whose had an especially special day, with cupcakes afterward.

Afterward we played Don't Eat Pete, with the skittles you got from your cousins, and Wolfie, wolfie what time is it.  Then we sat on the floor, snuggled up and read your new book.

Right before bed time you laid down on the floor next to me, and said "Mom, can I snuggle with you right next to your belly."  It made me laugh.  I started thinking about you when you were just a little baby.  You used to snuggle right into me, and I used to joke back then, that I swore you wanted to climb back into my belly.  You used to scowl in the very beginning, like you were a little grumpy about not being in that safe warm spot that you had been in for so long.  As long as I would let you curl up close to me, you were happy and content.

You are getting so big, and have left that spot, and spread your wings-- but you are always happy to come back to that spot with me, and give me loves and snuggles.

I just love you so much, my sweet big boy.  Even though I know you will eventually grow out of the loves and snuggles, you will never ever grow out of this huge spot I have in my heart for you.  You are a joy to be around, and add so much to our whole families' life.  Thank you for all the love you've given me, and the happiness you bring to my life.  You are wonderful, talented, creative, funny, and sweet.  My little Mase man.

Happy Birthday!

Love always,