Dear Vaughn,

Today you turned six years old.  I woke up in the morning and could hear you and Mason in your room playing with new birthday toys from friends.  I kneeled down and said a small prayer of thanks for the gift you are in my life, and the joy you've given me since the moment you were born.

In the morning we came downstairs, and started your birthday treasure hunt that Dad had worked on last night.

 You were excited to run around the house searching for new clues and finding your presents.

 There were clues in the piano, in books, in the freezer, in the bathroom, in the closet, art supplies, and upstairs.  At some point you decided you needed sunglasses in your search.

You got a Pooches of Power book, which we read right before bed tonight.

 And a set of Batman Legos.

You were so excited about both of them, and worked on the Legos with Grandpa for a good part of the morning.

For breakfast you told me you wanted "a whole jar of peaches and toast!"  So I gave you a big bowl of peaches and some toast, and we all sat around the table telling our favorite Vaughn stories.  We talked about how cute you were when you were born, and how the nurse said "This one came out ready for Kindergarten!"  And how you held your head and could move it all around even when you were just barely born-- and how alert and wide eyed you looked at the world.  We talked about how you used to just jabber away to everyone, even before you could "really" talk, and how cute it was to hear you happily talk away with us.  We told the story about how you climbed up high and got the keys off the hook, opened the garage door, climbed into the car, and started the car when you were barely two year old, and how when we ran out to the garage, you were sitting there with this wide eyed, excited/scared/proud look on your face.  It was a wonderful breakfast, filled with wonderful stories of you.

After your treasure hunt you opened up your gift from Grandma and Grandpa-- your very own fort kit!  They worked so hard assembling materials that they thought you would have fun building with.  They sewed little bags to put everything in, and cut pvc pipe, got connectors, and gave you plenty of flat sheets, and clamps too.

Later in the afternoon, you had your friends over to play, and you had so much fun building awesome forts, and playing with your new materials.  We ordered pizza, and you and your friends ate inside your fort.

We've had such a busy, full day, with a trip to the park and the hardware store with Grandpa, where he bought you a few more connectors, and your very own tool (a pipe cutter).  You were so happy to come home and put your name on your pipe cutter with marker, and show Dad when he got home.  We've had music classes, friends to play with, pizza, and cupcakes, and materials to build with.

Now the day is ended, and you are in bed now, ending the day how you started it-- visiting with your little brother.

You are such a sweet boy Vaughn, and I am so grateful that I am your Mom.  I had no idea how much I'd learn and grow from that adorable 10lb bundle they put in my arms six years ago.  I couldn't possibly count the many smiles, laughs, and quiet moments of happiness you have brought to me every day.  You approach life with such happiness, creativity, and love.  What a lucky Mom I am to have you.

I love you, sweet (and sometimes crazy) Vaughn.

Love always,