Catch-Up, a Bit of Complaining About my Messy Kids, and Awesome Things

It's about time for a new post on here.  I don't have anything especially special to say, so I guess I'll try playing a little catch-up.

I've failed to document our trip to Michigan this summer (it was awesome), a trip to Seattle and Portland as a family (it was also awesome), a trip (or two?) to Utah, including the one above from last week, where it snowed and snowed on us and Vaughn played in it every chance he got.  I also took a trip by myself to visit Rick's sister, Peggy, in Arizona.  I was really struggling, and it was the perfect getaway for me.  I love Peggy.  She's amazing.  We've also had some visitors, and lots of fun playing with friends and family.

Life is good.

But tonight I feel tired.  I don't know why they call Sunday a day of rest.  Day of rest my butt.  I spent hours last night cleaning my house-- straightening, scrubbing, vacuuming, dusting, while Rick and the boys wrestled around doing "moves" on each other (my favorite is Rick's "secret weapon" where he picks Mason up, feet forward, and starts tickling him.  Mason kicks his legs and laughs like crazy and Rick chases Vaughn around the room with those kicking feet.  He calls it "the tickler", and it makes us all laugh).  I went to bed and the house was spotless.  I was hoping that it would make my day today more quiet, peaceful, and restful.  It didn't really work.

By dinner time today it was a disaster.  Church stuff strewn about, clothes all over, costumes all over, cushions and pillows all over, art supplies all over.  This is the first time all day that I've sat down to relax and have some time to myself.  I feel like a bit of a failure, since I obviously haven't taught my kids how to pick up after themselves.  I guess I will need to work on that.

Anyway...I didn't really mean to come on here and just complain.  Like I said-- life is good, and here are some things that I'm enjoying:

  • I got called as the primary chorister.  It's my dream calling.  I love music and I love kids.  I am also learning a lot in just the few weeks that I've been there.  I also have an awesome husband who has been helping me with some of my visual aids.  
  • Rick and I started our own book club-- just the two of us.  Both of us love reading, and almost always read for an hour or two before bed, but we've never actually read any books together at the same time.  So we've been reading a chapter a night, and are taking turns picking books.  Right now we are reading The Basque History of the World, by Mark Kurlansky.  Rick picked it, and it's really interesting.  I really knew pretty much nothing about the Basques before reading this book, and they have a fascinating and very ancient history.  Now I need to decide what to read next.  It can't be a book that either of us have read, and we are trying to alternate fiction with non-fiction.  Any suggestions?
  • I went and saw the move Lincoln yesterday.  Ahhhhhh.  So good.  I just sat in the theater and cried through parts of the movie.  He is my favorite president ever.  What a good man.  Excellent movie.  I also love the book that it's based on-- Team of Rivals, by Doris Kearns Goodwin.    
  • My friend and I started a "Forest School Friday" for our kids, and a couple of other kids from the neighborhood.  My sister-in-law told me about forest schools in Europe, and I've been interested in them ever since.  Ours isn't exactly like the ones that I've read about-- we are making it our own little adventure, and I'm sure it will grow and change, but for now we plan on meeting in the same spot each week (in the beautiful Red Rock Canyon), sitting and doing a lesson for the first hour-- my friend is going to work with the older kids, while I work with the younger kids-- music, drawing, writing, microscope, magnifying glasses, themes, stories etc...  Then for the second hour we let them hike, climb and explore.  It was so much fun on Friday (our first time out).  I'm excited to continue!  Here are a few pictures:
Vaughn isn't picking his nose-- just drinking water from his camelback.

Me and Mason

Baby Roma.  Love her.  She was the only girl (besides me and Janet) there.  She can totally hold her own!

Well that's all I've got in me for now.  We are going to Arizona for Thanksgiving, and we're excited about that.  And now The Basque History of the World, and Rick await me...