Dear Conrad,

You are three-and-a-half months old.
You are squishy, and smiley, and cuddly, and so so very sweet.
You happily stay right next to me in the wrap most of the day
and at night you curl right into the space next to me and sleep.
You are just starting to laugh and are so ticklish on your legs and belly and arms.
You hate taking a pacifier and make the most disgusted face when I try to give you one. 
Sometimes you even gag.
You love chewing on your fingers and hands, and are just starting to grab at things to put in your mouth.
You are a champion nurser and haven't given me any problems even in the beginning.
You think your two older brothers are the most interesting thing in the world,
and they think you are the most interesting thing in the world.
They often fight about who gets to hold you and who got the most smiles out of you.
They laugh at every funny sound you make and love it if I have you pretend to punch and kick them.
You love it when I sing to you and read you stories.
You like to sing with me sometimes, and are starting to get talkative.
We love it when you talk to us.
You don't like it when Dad tries to hold you and you are tired and hungry.
You are fascinated by his glasses and love to stare at them.
When you are lying down you kick your legs and arms like crazy.
You open your eyes so big in any new situation and look really scared, which always makes us laugh.
You have brought us so much joy by coming to our home.
Every single one of us adores you.
Every time you smile at me, my whole soul lights up.
You are my baby. My blessing. My sweet Conrad Craig.
I love you so much little boy.
More than I will ever be able to explain in words.