Drawing on Mirrors

The other morning, after getting out of a very hot shower, my boys came into the bathroom.  "Mommy, what happened to the mirror!?" asked my four-year-old.

I explained to him that when water gets really hot, it turns into steam, and that is what he was seeing on the mirrors.

I had a sudden flash back to my childhood, sitting in our warm house on cold winter days, when the windows would sometimes become foggy.  I remember writing messages and drawing pictures-- the way the cool glass felt against my finger, and how I always felt it was my own little secret message or picture because it would disappear.

"Do you guys want to draw on the mirrors?" I asked.

They were delighted to slide their fingers across the glass, making pictures and letters, and telling me all about their creations.

When the steam began to disappear I showed them how they can make their own steam by breathing on the glass.

It wasn't a very fancy or even planned art project, but it was fun and we learned a lot in the process.

I'm linking to Childhood 101.  If you haven't checked this blog out yet, please do!  I've found so many wonderful ideas, and it has made me more aware and appreciative of the way my kids play.

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